Learning Centre Makeover
Educator Name: Melissa Humphries
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of your “before” learning centre)
Your Reflections
(What were you dissatisfied with
in your “before” learning
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Impact on Children
(Do you feel that what you did
improved the learning opportunities
for the children?)
The centre was often not used
at all. Kids were not excited by
Children made patterns, but
they were not any different from
what they could have done at a
traditional math centre, without
a light table.
I have heard people rave about
their light tables, but I just didn’t
get it.
Sorry, my photo shows kids faces
clearly and I don’t know how to edit
it myself!
I moved the light table to a more
accessible spot in the classroom,
where there was room for the
children to move around all 4 sides
of it.
I followed the children’s interest in
tracing pictures in the light of the
window to spark their interest in
working at the light table. We
brought pictures from colouring
books and photocopies of non-
fiction texts to the light table to
I provided new markers and tracing
paper to add novelty to the centre.
The centre, focused on tracing
images, had a more authentic
The children using the light table
were excited and engaged by their
work. Their enthusiasm was
contagious and others came to
check out what they were doing.
I was able to make various
curriculum links beyond visual art,
including science, fine motor skills,
personal and social development,