Learning Centre Makeover
Educator Name: Asma Jawed
(In the cell below, paste a photo
of your “before” learning centre)
Your Reflections
(What were you dissatisfied with
in your “before” learning
(In the cell below, paste a photo
of your “after” learning centre)
Impact on Children
(Do you feel that what you did
improved the learning opportunities
for the children?)
• Teacher-directed – the objects
were set out as invitations and
• Students don’t have any interest in
the materials that have been put
• Students feel that they’re doing
“work” when asked to choose to
go to discovery table.
• Because students are not
interested that’s why there is no
home connection as they don’t
talk about it at home.
• Student-directed – Students
contribute to this centre. They bring
in objects that they wonder about.
Pose questions and come up with
their own theories.
• Home connection – Parents
involvement in this centre has been
an important part of our learning
journey. They take their children on
their own wonder walks and send
objects that their child wonders and
questions about.
• Students use their senses to
describe these objects. Write/draw
their own wonderings and theories.
Ask us to help research about their
• Students are more involve and are
going to our “Discovery Table” more
than they use to.