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Yesterday, I read “Seaweed Soup” which is about a turtle making soup, and having to make sets with dishes for his friends, to our kindergarten students.

This morning, a parent came to school with their child and a turtle they found on their driveway that morning.  The parent came in and showed the turtle to everyone before taking it back home.  For the rest of the morning, all our students could talk about was turtles.  One boy asked if we could read the story about the “turtle soup” again.  So, I read it again.

This time though, after I finished reading the story, I handed out equal amounts of paper bowls, plastic spoons, napkins and paper cups.  We always have these things in our cupboard, in case a child forgets something for their lunch.  And the bowls come in handy for art!  Once each child had an item, I told them to find other children with the items needed to create the same set that the turtle in our story just gave to each of his friends for eating the soup. 

With little assistance, the children sorted themselves out and made the sets.  It was a great and fun hands-on math activity!