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The children have shown an interest in learning about dinosaurs so my ECE partner and I decided to enhance the idea by making an attractive centre.  We used table cloths for water and land, we added wood pieces for children to do as they wish, and dinosaurs.  Children brought over the books that illustrated where they lived, some wrote the dinosaur names referenced in the books and I displayed their writing next to the table, and words that describe some new knowledge about dinosaurs are also posted.  The display is on our sandbox table which we decided to switch over for the week.  Simple, easy, and has sparked some new learning on the topic! 

Next we will change the sandbox into a Paleontologist work site.  We have bones from a left over turkey, some brushes, name tags and some fun dinosaur hats they can wear to begin their research in the sand!


Before the children arrived this morning, I took out the toys we had in our sand table and put plastic Easter eggs in it.  I bought various sizes and colours.  The children can use them for measurement, transferring sand, and for their imaginations.  When they came into class, a few of the children saw them in there and started yelling that the Easter Bunny had visited our classroom!  It was great.

The sand table had children at it all day!


Now that Winter Break is over, the children are getting back into the routine of our Kindergarten day.  One of our students’ favourite activities is our sand table.

Before the break, we had items that are used for baking in the sand.  Now that the holidays are over, we have changed the sand table toys in winter items.  We put items the children can use if they pretended the sand was snow.  We put in shovels, and toy pick-up trucks to plow, and to drive in the “snow”.  I also added an ice cream scooper so they can pretend they are making snowballs.

The children enjoyed the new items in the sand table.  I enjoyed watching them and listening to them using their imaginations.


Discussing the holiday season can be tricky in most schools.  Trying to be all inclusive is not easy.  For some, it is easier to avoid all of the holidays that occur this time of year.  Instead of trying to include all holidays, you can use winter items, or items that are non-holiday specific.

In Kindergarten, sensory activities are important.  In our sand table, we found baking items for the children to use.  We put in snowmen cookie cutters, small measuring cups and spoons, and a rolling pin.  Instead of holiday items, we are going to focus on baking as several families enjoy baking at this time of the year, regardless of which holiday they choose to celebrate.