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Recently, we took our kindergarten class to a local wildlife marsh.  The children got to see and explore so many different things in nature.  We had quick lessons on turtles, frogs, insects, plants, etc…it was a great connection to what our students have been so interested in learning about these past few weeks.  It was also a great way to do some inquiry-based learning while the children are so captivated by it all.

Today, I introduced them to a game called “Egg Hatch”.  I read a non-fiction book about things that came from eggs before we began the game.  Next, we all stood on the edge of our large carpet.  I explained that one person would crouch down and be an egg.  That person would think of something that came from an egg and would then pretend to grow into that animal.  I went first.  I was an egg that grew into a duck.  As soon as a child thought they knew what hatched, they had to put their hand in the air and I would then pick the person who could try to guess.  The person who guessed it first got to go next.  The children pretended to be frogs, turtles, birds, chickens and one child pretended to be a crocodile. 

Not everyone got a turn today due to our large class size, but we can play again tomorrow!