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A fun way to teach children how primary colours mix to create other colours is by painting snow.

I went to the dollar store and bought 6 spray bottles.  I took them to our class and we mixed small amounts of tempera paint, dish or laundry soap and water in them.  This allows the mixture to be washable, should any of it get on the children’s clothing.  We used only the primary colours (red, yellow and blue).  I took small groups of children (6 at a time), had them dress in their winter clothing and then we ventured out to our school yard to paint the snow. 

At first, I got them to take turns spraying only the colours I said, and where I said.  This gave them a demonstration of how to mix the colours and see what happens in a more controlled setting.  For example, first I asked the children with blue to spray a circle of blue on small spot of the white now.  Then, I asked the children with yellow to spray directly on the blue spots.  It only took moments for the snow to turn from blue to green.  The children’s eyes grew large in wonder!  I then allowed them to create their own colours, and asked them to tell me what they saw happening.

The children had a ton of fun creating colours and playing in the snow!


Because it is the last week of school, my teaching partner and I wanted to make the time we have left with our kindergarten class fun and memorable.  Instead of doing traditional lessons, we decided to put out board games during literacy and math times today.  We divided the students into groups of 4.  We chose 5 games that the children could play independently, and 2 games that they may need assistance with.  That way, we could sit at those 2 games, if they needed help.

The children were so excited when they saw all of the games set up after recess!  They really enjoyed it and asked if we could do it again tomorrow.  Seen as it is the last week of school, I think we might do it again!