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full day kindegarten


 Last week, my teaching partner planted sunflower seeds with each student in our Full Day Kindergarten class.  We want them to grow so we can send them home as large flowers for Mother’s Day next month.  After being away from school for four days, the plants began to sprout over the weekend.  

During our free play time this morning, a student asked me “Why did our plants grow?”.  I thought this would be a great inquiry based question to talk to the students about.  I got our chart paper and wrote the question down.  A small group of children came over to see what we were doing.  I asked the students why they thought our plants were beginning to grow.  We had done a large group discussion last week before we planted the flowers, and I wanted to see if they remembered what we had discussed.  They gave some great answers, which I wrote on the chart paper below the question.  We reviewed the question and answers during the next large group discussion time.

Tomorrow, I will extend their interest by asking what they think would happen if we stopped watering the plants, took away the light, etc…..