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Last Spring, our class planted sunflower seeds.  The Senior Kindergarten students who returned this fall were very excited to see how much the flowers grew over the Summer.  They asked if we could take them inside, so we cut a dozen of them, and put them in water in our room.  Our children have talked about little else the past few days. 

Yesterday, there were 5 children drawing at our art centre.  I sat with them and asked what they were creating.  Each of them were trying to draw what the sunflowers looked like. 

Today, I went in a few minutes early and set out brown, yellow and green construction paper at the art centre table.  I also set out scissors, glue and sunflower seeds.  At the art easel, I changed the paint to brown, yellow and green.  When the children came in, they saw what I had set up and were very excited.  Most of the students chose the free art centre during free play time today.

Tomorrow, I will set up seed sorting and counting activities at our math centre.