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early addition


To continue to build on our kindergarten students’ interests in pond life, I made a game that is fun, uses number recognition skills, and early addition skills.  The game is meant for 2 players at a time, and should be set up in an area where there is room for the 2 players to move around safely, without other children close by.

I printed off 12 lily pads on green paper.  I drew a fly on each lily pads and numbered them 1 to 12.  I also added the corresponding number of dots, as well as the number word.  This allowed for 3 developmental levels of learning for the children.  Some children may not recognize the number, and may need the dots.  Some may be able to read the word.  It is also a good reinforcement for each child for all 3 levels.  I laminated all 12 cards.  You will also need 2 dice, preferably the ones with dots, not just numbers.

For the game, each child has a fly swatter.  The first child rolls the dice.  The first child who can add the dots together correctly swats the fly on the lily pad with the corresponding number.  This is why they need appropriate space.

For the first few rolls, I would have to assist the children in the game.  But, after that, they could play the game independently and I could make observations about their number recognition and early addition skills.