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3D shapes


To help our kindergarten class learn about 3D shapes, we used concrete objects that see in their everyday lives.  I gathered up items from our classroom, and home, for the children to learn the names of these shapes. I also had the wooden block of each shape to match the item.

I used:
rectangular prism – box of kleenex
sphere – balls of various sizes
cylinder – a can  of soup (can be a real one or one from the house centre)
                              cube – a square box, dice
                              pyramid – a toy pyramid
                              cone – an ice cream waffle cone

By using items the children see all the time, it gives them a concrete way of learning about a very abstract math topic.


To introduce our Kindergarten class to 3D shapes, today we hunted for 3D shapes in our classroom.

To begin, I had a cube, cone, pyramid, sphere, rectangular prism and cylinder on a table.  I showed each shape to the class while they were sitting on the carpet.  I told the students the name of a shape, and briefly described its characteristics (how many sides, points, the 2D shape that matches it, etc).  Then, I told the children that there were shapes like these hidden around the classroom.  It was our job to find the shapes, and then find other students that had the same shape.

Once all the children found one of the shapes, they gathered back to the carpet and tried to find their group.  I helped them organize.  Once they were grouped, I told them I would say the name of a shape and that group would have to stand up, hold their shape in the air and repeat the name.  We began slowly, and afterI had said each shape once, I started to say the names faster.  The children were having a great time, so I extended it and began saying two names at the same time.

This activity got the children to look at the shape and repeat the name several times.  It also got them up and moving around, which they really enjoyed.