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 Why Assess?

Assessment is an integral part of learning. When we learn, we want to know how much we have learned. When we seek to understand we want to test that understanding. Am I getting this right? This is a question every learner asks.

Planning Assessment for Learning

Assessment is not an add-on and it is not teacher-centred. Assessment is part of learning and that means that it is an ongoing part of every day.

  • For the teacher, assessment is the process of gathering information about student learning that informs our teaching.
  • For the student, assessment is the process that informs them about their learning. Most often this feedback is done through formative assessment strategies.

Assessment Methods

There are many assessment methods for use in the classroom, but the main method used in the primary classroom is observation.


How do you document your students’ learning?


Clear communication with students and their parents or guardians is a key aspect of learning that supports the learning process.

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