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Kindergarten Makeover: ETFO Edition

What happens when you realize that your beliefs about how young children learn best do not match the way you are teaching? This webcast was developed to help educators in Kindergarten solve this dilemma. By offering reflective questions, practical suggestions, and a model of the experience of two young teachers, ETFO hopes to make the challenges of a classroom makeover something that Kindergarten educators feel prepared to tackle.


  • You will need a high speed internet connection to play these videos.
  • Double click on a menu item to begin streaming a video.
  • Select PLAYLIST at any time to return to the menu.
  • Use the menu controls to pause, play, jump forward or jump backward. You can also drag the timeline to another point in the video.

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There is an accompanying Viewing Guide to help give the viewer a deeper understanding of the purpose of this video.

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