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Government of Ontario

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario.

In the introductory Thinking it Through book club, participants dip and dive through the resource, gaining an overall understanding of the supports available to them for their classroom.

This is what participants have said about this introductory ETFO Book Club:

  • “I absolutely love the resource. It is already getting dog-eared. Fantastic to network with other teachers.”
  • “The sharing of ideas, finalizing what I am doing in class and thinking about how I can make my practice more effective had a great impact on me.”
  • “Opportunities to generate ideas about how to be more effective in setting up my program.”
  • “The room and activities allowed for sharing and discussions.”
  • “This resource was well written, clear and easy to read. The book club sessions were well organized and the educator activities helped me further embed the new knowledge.”

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