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“Play nourishes every aspect of children’s development-it forms the foundation of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills necessary for success in school and in life.” 

 Canadian Council on Learning

The importance of play

Learning in Centres

When you introduce play as a means of learning in school, as educator, your role changes from instructor to facilitator.  As a facilitator, the teacher guides the learning which is different than controlling the learning. This is not a new idea. In fact, the teacher as facilitator is at the heart of the inquiry method promoted by Dewey half a century ago.

Child-Guided Experiences + Adult-Guided Experiences = Optimal Learning

As you think about your own role as a facilitator in the play-based learning in your classroom, have a look at the continuum from child to educator focused play in the classroom.

Learning at Home

The fall is a good time to get families involved to support children at home. For a listing of recommendations that will allow families to focus on learning areas see the attached Appendix.

Have a look at some of the following clippings from Primarily Play, and see what play can bring to your classroom!

Take a position on play

What is Play?

Making it happen in your classroom

Getting started with play

Playing is Learning

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