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All of the students, except those asleep on the carpet, are outside playing on a windy, blustery day. A group of students move the picnic table so that they have room for their scooters.

The children use their large muscles to pull wagons,

And ride scooters

As the children play, my partner and I record our observations on paper, and in pictures. Later we move this data into the student files as anecdotal evidence.

We interact with individual children and small groups to extend the play but also we get to know the students individually and they develop a trusting relationship with us.  Many new students have not had to interact with strangers before and this is an important step in their social development.

Together, we find that outdoor play is a great time to watch those quiet children, the ones that we can overlook in a busy, dynamic classroom.

Throughout this outdoor play time, we connect frequently to share our observations and thinking and we feel we are really getting to know the children well.


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