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Last year we had laminated chart paper for the children to record their thinking as they worked at the sand and water tables. This year, we had an extra easel so it made sense to place it between the sand and water table right where the children can access it as they work. We have been modeling writing by posing a question. The children can then record their discoveries like scientists and mathematicians. The children can also pose their own questions. Not every child is expected to complete a response. However, once a few children have recorded their learning it inspires the other children.


We plan to pose questions such as What do you notice about the way sand moves? What are some ways to make the water move?

Stay tuned for sample questions and response in future blogs.

2 Responses to The Sand and Water Centre

  • mjudd says:

    Our water table is small (4 childern can play in it at one time). I empty it daily and refill it in the morning. I also add some of our antibacterial soap to it to help fight against the germs.

  • Jim Sullivan says:

    I have only discovered this FABULOUS resource today! It is fantastic… I have already forwarded it to my membership! Is there a similar BLOG for Junior and Intermediate grades?

    I teach grade 1 and have been thinking about bringing the sand and water table idea into my classroom as a discovery center for mathematics (mass and capacity).

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can keep the water clean (i.e. prevent the growth of algae, the spread of germs, etc.)?

    PS LOVE the idea of creating a space where the students can record their learning!

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