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Two students, Angel and Hakima, were at the chart stand talking together and drawing a picture.


T–I like your picture! Tell me about what you are drawing.

Angel–We’re drawing together. It’s a flower story. It’s called “Rainbow Land” We just thought about it and decided to make the picture and the story. It was my idea!

Hakima–It was my idea too!

Angel–We said, “Let’s draw a picture of you, me and our moms.” We’re going to make the words up for the story tomorrow.

Hakima–Yes we’ll write the words tomorrow.

T–It sounds like it will be an interesting story!


After 5 to 10 minutes the teacher returned to see how the girls were progressing with their picture, only to find that more students had joined in the community picture!.


Angel–”I asked some other people to draw because we didn’t have enough time to finish it.”

T–It’s nice to have other people helping.


Angel–”Yes, It’s fun together and it’s nice to have everyone help. They can draw some special things that they want in the picture. Or we can give them some ideas if they want.”

T–It’s going to be a wonderful picture and I’ll be interested to hear the story.

Angel–O.K. everyone, you can have a rest now, when I’m done colouring this.!”

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