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Two girls were playing together in the blocks building a brick wall. A little boy was playing in the space on his own, building a complex building with small wooden blocks.



The other class was told they could go to work at the centres. No restrictions are placed on the number of children in the centres so suddenly a group of new boys entered the block area. They used the 2 brick height of the girls’ wall to jump over and the girls’ role became one of trying to keep the wall in place and repairing it when the boys knocked a brick off. Their teacher was working with a group of children and did not see what was going on so the girls had to problem solve.

After a few minutes the girls gave up on their original plan and began building a platform with the long wooden blocks. Even the boys abandoned the wall for other activities. One of the girls told the little boy, who was by now building a town, that she would help him write about it if he wanted. He did not take her up on her offer so she continued to add a complex building on her platform.



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