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Over the month of March the Kindergarten students enjoyed learning centres such as the Doctor’s Office, the technology Centre and the Art Studio. We have opened up several new centres which are now being investigated and explored. The ‘Doctor’s Office’ (Dramatic Play

Centre) has now been changed into the ‘Flower Shop’. Here, the students enjoy writing and taking flower orders from ‘customers’, making beautiful arrangements and selling flowers. As well, the students have been learning about money and how much the flowers cost.

Many students have made money in order to use the cash register and exchange dollar bills!

Another learning centre that is attracting attention is the water table. We have added a tiny bit of soap and are asking the students to discover different ways to make bubbles! Using various tools such as whisks, hand mixers, pouring water from higher levels and swishing water around, the students are discovering and learning as they work and play!


FLOWER SHOP  T-(teacher)  S-(student)

T–I would like to buy a bouquet of flowers please.

S–We have lots of different flowers. What ones do you want?

T–Can you help me choose some?

S–Yes! –She proceeds to select different bunches of flowers and place them in a container.

T– They are beautiful! How much are they?

S–$10 please–another student beside her says “no, these are $8!”

(She pushes the buttons on the cash register and then hands me a slip of paper with $10 written on it so I will have money to pay for the


T–The flowers cost $8 and I am giving you $10. Can you tell me how much change or how much money I will get back? ( the teacher worked with the students to determine how much change would be given) S–Let me give you your flowers, O.K.?

T–Where do you get your flowers from?

S–Someone grows them at a farm. They pick them and drive them here in a truck. We give them water and keep them in a special place so they won’t die.

T–I see that the flowers are all different prices. How do you decide how much the flowers will cost?

S– Some are more than others because some are taller.



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