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For those teachers who are trying to find a resource that will help them learn more about observation and how this links with implementing a curriculum effectively, I would suggest reading the book the Power of Observation by Judy R. Jablon, Amy Laura Dombro and Margo L. Dichtelmiller.  Available  through the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s website, it provides teachers with very practical ideas and guidelines.  The authors state that “getting to know children as people and as learners gives you the information you need to be an effective decision maker in the classroom.  With the information you learn from observing, you can select the right materials, plan appropriate  activities, and ask questions that guide children in learning to understand the world around them.”

One Response to Resource Suggestion: ‘The Power of Observation’

  • Irene Katzman says:

    If you are looking for tips on how to observe your students, another great text is Kidwatching, Documenting
    Children’s Literacy Development by Gretchen Owocki and Yetta Goodman!

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