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Although Full Day Kindergarten is more than half way through its third year of implementation, there are still several questions out there regarding the partnerships between a Registered Certified Teacher and a Designated Early Childhood Educator in a classroom working as a team together. 

Two of the most important elements in working in a team are communication and trust.  Communication needs to be open, honest and respectful between the educators.  By having an open system of communication, both educators can feel comfortable to share thoughts and ideas regarding the planning for the classroom, how to implement those plans, and observations regarding the students.  By trusting each other, educators can allow each other to plan and implement activities he or she thinks the students will enjoy. 

In the classroom that I work in, we try to take time before school everyday to discuss what we have planned together.  We have developed a relationship (built on open communication and trust) so that when one of has an idea that we think the children will enjoy, we can talk about it and then plan it out.  Sometimes, we write out a plan for activity and just ensure it is put into the daily planner.  In a busy Full Day Kindergarten class, there are days where there isn’t alot of time for discussion.  If it is one of those days, we just write our notes/plans out for each other and discuss them when we can.  We trust each other to implement activities, even if the other educator isn’t sure it will work with the students.  We also trust each other to give honest, yet constructive ideas after activities are done, and suggest possible changes to the activity, if the children didn’t find it engaging.  Neither of us is there to evaluate or supervise the other. By sharing our thoughts and ideas respectfully, we are able to trust one another to ensure that we can work co-operatively, and value what each other can offer to the program.

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