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Our snow inquiry started from reading a book called Sadie and the Snowman.  We used the story over 5 days to focus on retell.  Day 1-discussed the pictures and read the story.  Day 2- Discussed Characters, Day 3- Setting and a KWL chart was created connecting our own experiences with snow , Day 4 focused on the events, and  Day 5 we reviewed all story elements and recreated the scenes with cutouts in large group.  Iq option Kenya

This story not only began the discussion of snow, but hot and cold, the fridge vs the freezer, experimenting with different ice cubes wrapped in various materials like newspapers, foil, paper, and with salt (Which melts faster?) and we tried attaching ice cubes to string using salt.  Throughout these experiments children learned new vocabulary, used a thermometer to record temperature, and they observed water changing from a liquid to a solid, they recorded time and charted change. 

Throughout this approximate 6 week inquiry on snow, the children communicated their learning in written and visual form to include in their documentation books.  It allowed us to explore many new things and the children had so much fun.

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