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There is some great information from the assessment section in the Thinking it Through resource.  miami hgh doctor

Written Observation or Anecdotal records details some critical information about how to collect that information and when it is applicable.  Recording the time, date onto the back of work samples provides a context.  It also discusses some great points about factors that affect observation records. 

On p. 6 of the pdf there is a great chart that gives some ideas on “what you need to find out” and the “tools/strategies” you can use to assess.  If you do collect work samples; a binder, a folder or scrapbook is a great way to house the information. 

When assessing students it is always important to collect information over time so that you get their best work and really see their full potential. Keep in mind that accommodations may be beneficial for many of your students and as you meet with each child, you can see their unique qualities and change as needed.  On p.5 (p.30-31) of the pdf, there are ideas for instructional, environmental, and assessment accommodations.

I encourage you to read the section on Assessment in the Thinking it Through document as it give some great tools and strategies, some “ahas”, and there may be something new that can add a creative twist to assessments!!

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