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Remembrance Day can be a difficult topic with young students.  In our Kindergarten classroom, we discuss who soldiers are, what they do for our country, what they have done for our country and ways we can show our appreciation and respect for them.  We make a wreath for our assembly.  We also try to make one art project for the children to display for the other students and then take home.

This year, we are doing a poem, Little Poppy: 

Little poppy
Given to me,
Help me keep Canada
Safe and free.

I’ll wear a little poppy,
As red as red can be,
To show that I remember
Those who fought for me.

We are centering the poem at the top of a white paper.  Below, you can have children do whichever form of art you wish.  You can sponge paint/cut & paste/draw, etc…a poppy or whatever symbol you want.  Once the artwork part is dry, you can glue the paper to a piece of black construction paper.

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