Different boards have different plans on how to introduce the new JK students into the classroom setting. Some have individual meetings with the child and parent(s) scheduledwithin the first 2 weeks and then they begin as a large group by the 3rd week of September.  Last year I had a straight JK class so we had groups of children of about 3-5 come to school with their parents on a scheduled morning.  As the children played, we discussed with parents our classroom routines, bookbags, notes and newsletters, snack/lunch, indoor shoes, busing, starting and ending times, pick-up policy etc.  Basically, everything we included in our JK handbook was reviewed with parents. Parents also appreciated this time because they were able to ask questions, hear others ideas/concerns/questions and meet other parents in a small, intimate setting and children met a few friends before they arrived on the very first day.

We had a school tour, we assigned them their locker space, walked through where buses drop off and how/where they would enter into our classroom etc.

This year with a JK/SK split our plan so far is to have the SKs come the first weeks with no JKs present so that we can reacquaintthem with rules, routines and get them comfortable.  Then start having the JK students coming the following week in small groups of (3-5) for an hour with their parents. SKs will be in centres as we discuss/talk to parents.

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  • corinne says:

    One idea is to just have table activities available while all children enter the room. This way you can talk to parents. A phone call prior to school start may also answer some of their questions. If your planning time can be changed to be first thing in the morning, have the planning teacher faciliator the children entering the room and that would free up both yourself and your ECE.

  • Heidi Timmerman says:

    This year my school board has mandated that ALL FDK students start on the first day of school. This means I will have 25-30 JK/SK students all arrive at 8:30 on the first day for a full day of school. Do you have any suggestions on how to help the students cope with this? How do I make sure to value all the parent input I get about new students with no time to talk to them?
    Thank you!

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