We wanted our children to create Valentine’s for their friends.  But, we didn’t want them to have to make ones that looked like a pre-made craft. 

So, on Monday, we set up 2 art tables.  We put heart stickers, foam hearts, doilies, red/pink/white/purple/black paper, markers, glitter and glue out.  We had some pre-cut heart shapes, some hearts drawn for them to cut, and we also had cardboard hearts that they could trace.  Once the children made a valentine, they had to print “To (name)” and “From (name)” on it, and then put it on our art drying rack.  We had these tables set up for our first 100 minute block and again for the last 45 minutes of the day. 

Then, on yesterday, we gave each child the Valentine(s) he/she made.  Each child had already decorated a bag for their cards, so we helped them deliver them to whomever they made it for.  The children took pride in what they had created for their friends.

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