To continue our focus on healthy eating in our Kindergarten class, I went to the grocery store last night and bought some fruits and vegetables.  During our last recess, I cut some of them up into bite size pieces and put them on a plate.  When the kids came inside, and were settled on the carpet, we did a taste testing.  I had 5 children at a time come up and pick a piece of the same food.  Then, I had them describe what it tasted like and wrote the words on our large whiteboard.  Some of the words the children used were sour, sweet, yummy and soft.  Once we had tasted everything, I circled the words that all of the foods had in common.  I used them to show the children that healthy food all tasted “yummy”.  I wanted to show the children that healthy food also tastes good.  To end the group discussion, I also told them that healthy food also helps our bodies grow.

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