A colleague emailed me the following daily schedule for her Full Day Kindergarten Classroom.

Children’s Day (Outline)

 ** Times are approximate
** Activities may change depending on day

Entry 8:40 *Arrival *Lockers (coat, boots, hat, mitts etc) put on shoes
*Check backpacks for envelopes/library books) *Find name and match (first/last) *Carpet (name square)
8:45-9:20 *Name square (independent reading – book bags) *Attendance *Reading Chair
*Word Study **Small groups of children work with Teacher or ECE**
9:20-10:00 *Carpet *Group Activity ( ie. book, manipulatives,table explanations)
* Free choice
10:00-10:30 *Snack (children take turns cleaning table after snack is finished) * Free Choice
10:30-10:45 *Tidy up *Carpet *Get ready for recess
10:45-10:55 *Recess
10:55-11:25 *Gym *Gross motor activities  (indoor/outdoor)
11:25-12:00 (11:20) Children who leave for lunch get ready
*Lunch (children remain in classroom for lunch)
*Get ready for Recess
12:00-12:25 *Recess
12:25-1:10 *Come in from Recess *Lockers (coat, boots, hat, mitts etc) put on shoes
*Find name and math (first/last) *Attendance (daily helper picks a friend to take attendance to office *Math Study
** Day 2 double Science period 12:30-1:50**
**Day 5 children attend Library for computer time**
1:10-1:50 *Carpet *Group Activity ( ie. book, manipulatives, table explanations) *Snack
*Free Choice
** Day 3 Library –Book Exchange**
1:50-2:30 *Free Choice *Tidy up *Carpet (name square) *Assist children to get ready for recess
** Day 1 Music**
2:30-2:40 *Recess
2:40-3:10 *Story, songs, talk, children’s choice *Get ready for home time *Dismissal
**Day 4 music**

2 Responses to Another Example of a Daily Schedule

  • mjudd says:

    This example is not my daily schedule. However, for my classroom’s daily schedule, we are on a balanced day. We have 2 nutrition/recess breaks, which creates three 100 minute blocks for instructional time. For the first block, we gather as a group for approximately 15 minutes. We welcome the students and review our morning graph. Then, we have time for writing and free play. The second block, we have a planning time teacher who does gym/music/library, depending on the day. When we return to the classroom, we have literacy activities (small groups) and free play. During the third block, we gather on the carpet and read a story. I try to find books that involve math concepts for the story. We then have math activities (small groups) and free play. Hope that helps.

  • Cheryl says:

    Can you explain your daily schedule in more detail? I would love to learn more about your day. Looking forward to it!!!

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