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Today we reviewed AABB patterns. I decided to use concrete tools to help the children learn the pattern. So, I used the children themselves!
First, I had the children line up according to gender. I used half of the class as the example, and let the other students tell me how to line the children up to form an AABB pattern. Then, I switched groups and had the children use hair colour (blonde & brunette) to create the pattern. The students who had been in the gender line up had the opportunity to tell me how to organize this pattern.
Once we had finished, we divided into groups of 6 children. Each group had their own space within the classroom and were asked to create their own patterns using themselves. I made sure each group had both junior and senior kindergarten students.
One group used the clour of their pants. Another used velcro shoes and shoes with laces. The other groups recreated the gender and hair colour patterns.
It was great seeing the students learning the concept of patterns with concrete examples.

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