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The children are still interested in shapes.  So today, I decided to let them use shapes to create with. Novoline Crowdfunding

At the math centre, I provided pre-cut shapes for the children who do not have scissor skills, and traced shapes for the children who are capable of cutting the shapes out on their own, or those who want to try with the help of one of the teachers.  I also provided sheets of paper, glue, and markers.  The children cut, or used the pre-cut shapes to create pictures.

Some of the children created people.  They used squares as the body, circles for the head and rectangles for arms and legs.  Some children created vehicles using the rectangles as the body of the car and circles for wheels.  One little boy created a rocket ship.

The children really enjoyed having the ability and freedom to create whatever picture they wanted to, and it was a great way to reinforce basic shapes.

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