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With all this interest in sunflowers, flowers and seeds, I have decided to add one more science activity.  And this one is one of my favourites!  I usually do this activity in the Spring, when flowers are just beginning to bloom.  But, with the students’ interest in flowers so high right now, I am not going to miss this opportunity!  This activity is simple and easy, and the children usually love it.

Yesterday, I bought 6 white daisies.  Today, I had 3 clear plastic vases and filled them with water.  As a large group time, I set the 3 vases on a table beside our carpet.  I had the daisies (I had already cut the stems on an angle), and 3 colours of food colouring beside the vases.  With the children’s help, I added red to one vase, blue to another and yellow food colouring to the 3rd.  We then put 2 daisies in each vase.  We discussed predictions of what will happen as a large group.

Over the next few days, we will watch to see if the daisies change colour.  I will add their science journals and crayons to the centre so that if children want to record their observations, they can.

A basic activity, but the students really enjoyed it and are enthusiastic to watch and see what happens to the flowers.

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