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Children with special needs benefit from play just as much as any other child.  EVERY child needs play.

Some needs of children are obvious (physical and can be seen), while other children have special needs that can not be visually seen.  Some children may have difficulty reading, listening or some children may not have the self confidence to participate.  The term “special needs” covers a wide range of topics for children.

One easy adaption for play is when providing opportunties in the arts.  A feeling of self-worth – the knowledge that you can do something – is a critical part of the learning process. Children with special learning needs often come to think they are incapable of learning because of their ongoing difficulties in school, at home or in social settings. A paintbrush, a costume, a drum or paper, scissors and glue can be new tools for self-expression that boost confidence while providing opportunities for learning and practice. The arts are intellectual disciplines – requiring complex thinking and problem solving – that offer students the opportunity to construct their own understanding of the world.  By providing children opportunities to express themselves creatively, freely and with open-ended art materials, you can help every child build their feelings of self-worth.

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