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      Literacy does not only mean reading. It also involves language and writing skills. We use our literacy skills everyday.  Several school boards have made literacy one of their top priorities.  This has left many parents wondering how they can help their child(ren) with literacy skills at home.  You should always read about your child(ren)’s age and what is developmentally appropriate for that age, before trying ideas with them.

Some simple ideas are:

  • read at home (ask child questions, have child tell you a word, take turns reading)
  • board games
  • rhyming words games or the Name Game
  • fridge magnets for younger children
  • small blocks and playdough to promote fine motor skills for younger children
  • create books by taking pictures and have the children write the stories or words
  • scrapbooks for older children
  • be an active & reflective listener, and model appropriate language
  • older children can have a pen-pal from another country
  • have your older child write a letter to their favourite author
  • have your child bury a “treasure” and then create a map for you to find it
  • visit your community’s public library

If you make literacy activities fun and exciting at home, your child’s love for reading, writing and language will continue to grow throughout their childhood.

2 Responses to Helping Your Child with Literacy Skills

  • mjudd says:

    Thank you for your very kind comment. I am glad that you are finding it helpful! Please feel free to share it with your colleagues!

  • Jim Sullivan says:

    I only found this resource today and I have already posted twice! This is fantastic… am I allowed to post (or link) to information that is found on this blog to my own blog for my caregivers.

    I’m thinking of posting Helping Your Child With Literacy Skills since this would be so valuable for my caregivers to have.

    Thanks again for this great BLOG!

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