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At the end of this past year, we held a Silent Auction and BBQ at our school.  We decided to hold our annual “Welcome to Kindergarten” event on the same night to make it easier for families to attend.  Families can be so busy that having everything hosted on one evening can simplify life.  Fortunately, we had the opportunity to meet almost every child who has registered for our Full Day Kindergarten Program in the upcoming school year. cpa daily Alkotox.

Parents were excited for their child to be entering the Full Day Learning Kindergarten Program, but they also felt some apprehension on whether their child would be ready for Kindergarten.  Every family wanted to know how to prepare their child to start school.

These families had taken the first step and were at the school, with their child, to meet the teachers and have a tour.  But what about the rest?  For me, the answer for parents came easily     - play.  Play with your child and your child will be ready for school. 

Through play, your child will learn valuable skills like sharing, turn taking, interacting in a positive way with others, spatial awareness, oral language, problem solving, etc…..the list of skills a child can aquire through play is long and invaluable.  You can even play “school” with your child if you want to give your child a sense of what it might be like.

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