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We just transformed our home center to what the children wanted to create – an office.  It all started with one child making a laptop computer out of paper and was pretending to work on it.  so we asked the children at one of our group times what they thought of creating a space for them to use their laptops in an office.  They all seemed very interested so we made a list with them about what they would need to make an office.

Our home centre is now a functioning office.  It contains: computer keyboards, cardboard boxes for computer screens, cordless phones and cell phones, stamps, paper, pens, clipboards, receipt books, file folders, a flie cabinet, note pads, stickynotes, business clothes, daily agendas and planning books, envelopes, etc.  You name it, its in there.  It is amazing how much the children are writing and sending letters to each other. It is great to see all this learning from one centre.


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