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Daily Archives: October 18, 2010

One student, S1, started his learning centre time building on his own. He spent about 10 minutes of focused time on building his base.

S2: I can make it higher.

S2 and S3 joined S1 and they continued to build. S1 moved on to another centre.

S3: Hand me that block. I’ll put it here.

S2: I’ll get some more.

S3: I can’t reach any higher.

E: Can I help?

S3: We are trying to build but can’t reach any higher.

E: I can help. Tell me what I should do.

It was interesting to watch this interchange. S1 was very focused for a period of time. I was surprised that S1 walked away once the others joined him. I will have to watch more closely to see if he is uncomfortable working with others, and if we need to work on his ability to expand his play to include others. Also, I really want to interact more with S2 and determine his understanding of stability and structures. I couldn’t tell from my observations on this day.