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Daily Archives: June 1, 2009

Ved- “We’re making a bridge.”

Bridge image 1

Teacher- “Are you going to make it strong enough to stand on, like the other day?”

Ved- “We’re going to make it bigger!”


Ved- “It’s got lots of balance.”

Bridge image 3

The boys built the bridge and tried to stand on it, but it collapsed.

Bridge image 4

They re-built it, and sat on the edge of it so I could take their picture.  However, it collapsed again.

Teacher- “Let’s try to build it a different way to make it stronger.”

All- “YEAH!”

Bridge image 5

The boys gathered more students and combined building projects to have more materials.

Bridge image 6

Student- “Try it!”

Bridge image 7

First 2, and then 3 boys successfully stood on the bridge.

Bridge image 8

Bridge image 9

Teacher- “Is it strong enough for you all to stand on?”

Ved- “No!  We need more people on it!”

T- “How can you do that?”

Vineet- “Make it longer!”

All- “YEAH! Longer!”

Bridge image 10

They tried again.  First 1 boy, then 2, then 3 stepped onto the bridge.  A 4th boy stood on the bridge, and the end collapsed.

Student- “Can we fit more?”

Kris- “No.”

Teacher- “Can you build it so more people can fit on?”

All- “YEAH!”

T-  “How can we do it?”

Kris- “We have brains!”

T- “I know you do!”

Kris- “We need more bricks to put it up.”

The goal became to make the bridge longer to fit more people on.

Bridge image 11

Kris- “I know what I’m thinking!  We need more blocks.”

Bridge image 12

The boys figured out to take the pile of blocks from the end of their bridge to add to the surface.

Bridge image 13

“Let’s try it!”

The boys successfully had 6 people standing on their bridge.

Bridge image 14

Teacher- “Let’s try to get 7 people on!”

It worked!

Ved- “I think we can have 10!”

T- “You can?”

All- “Yeah!”

The boys started to build the bridge higher.

Bridge image 15

Teacher- “If you want to fit 10 people on your bridge, do you need to make it taller or longer?”

All- “Longer!”

Ved- “We’re going to fit 12!”

Kris- “We’re going to make it for 12 tomorrow!”

The boys continued building…

Ved and Kris started to construct ‘steps’ at the sides, which would allow 1 more person to fit on their structure.

Bridge image 16

Kris- “We are tired of building.”

Suddenly, one student rolled a wooden ball across the bridge.

Bridge image 17

Kris- “Wow!  How did you do that?”

Suddenly, all of the boys were rolling wooden spheres and lego cars across the bridge.

Kris- “Hey, we made a ramp.”

Bridge image 18